30 Easy and Adorable Back to School Hairstyles For Kids

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Looking for adorable and practical hairstyle ideas for your little ones? We've got you covered with 30 easy and adorable braided hairstyles for kids. These styles are not only cute but also functional, keeping their hair neat and protected while letting their personalities shine. From simple three-strand braids to creative twists and ponytails, this collection offers a variety of options to suit different hair lengths and textures. Whether it's for school, playdates, or special occasions, these braided hairstyles are sure to make your child stand out while making mornings a breeze. Let's dive into this delightful world of kid-friendly braids and transform your child's look with ease!

Flat Twist and Curly Bangs

"Flat twist and curly bangs" is a stylish and practical protective hairstyle for kids. The flat twists, neatly woven close to the scalp, not only look cute but also provide protection to fragile strands. These twists can be adorned with colorful beads or clips, making them appealing to children. The curly bangs add a playful touch, framing the face with a burst of texture. This style is not only adorable but also keeps the hair shielded from harsh elements, reducing the risk of breakage and promoting healthy growth. It's a versatile choice for kids, suitable for both casual and formal occasions, ensuring their hair stays well-maintained and trendy.

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 Natural kids Hairstyles – Double line Bantu knots

"Naturalista Hairstyles – Double Line Bantu Knots" is a chic and protective hairstyle celebrated for its unique and stylish appearance. This hairstyle features double lines of meticulously crafted Bantu knots, typically arranged in rows or patterns across the scalp. It's a fantastic choice for individuals with natural, textured hair as it both celebrates their curls and provides protection. The double line design adds an artistic touch while maintaining the hair's health. This versatile style can be adapted for kids, making it a trendy choice that not only showcases their natural beauty but also helps to keep their hair safeguarded from everyday damage.

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Natural kids Hairstyles- Short afro style

The short afro hairstyle is a classic and timeless choice that celebrates natural curls and exudes confidence. This style features closely cropped hair all over the head, creating a round and textured look. Short afros are not only fashionable but also practical for kids, as they are low-maintenance and easy to care for. This style allows children to embrace their natural hair texture while keeping it neat and manageable. It's a versatile option that can be tailored to suit different face shapes and personal preferences, making it an excellent choice for kids who want a stylish, fuss-free look while maintaining the health of their hair.

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Natural kids Hairstyles- Braid with Back Bun

The "Braid with Back Bun" is a delightful and protective hairstyle for kids that blends creativity with practicality. It involves crafting a single, thick braid down the back while fashioning a bun at the nape of the neck. This style not only looks charming but also shields the hair from daily wear and tear. The braid's thickness adds an element of fun, and the bun keeps the hair neatly secured. It's a low-maintenance choice that minimizes tangles and breakage, making it ideal for active children. Whether for school or playdates, the Braid with Back Bun ensures a tidy, stylish, and safeguarded look for kids.

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  Natural kids Hairstyles- Double line Bantu knots

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Natural kids Hairstyles- Sideways bun

The sideways bun is a stylish and unconventional twist on the classic bun hairstyle. Instead of gathering the hair at the back or top of the head, this style involves creating a bun to the side, near the ear or nape of the neck. It's an excellent choice for those looking for a unique and eye-catching look, whether for special occasions or everyday wear. The sideways bun adds an element of elegance and asymmetry to the hair, making it a trendy choice. Kids can also embrace this style, as it offers a playful and creative way to keep hair secure and out of their face, making it a versatile and fun option for various occasions.

Natural kids Hairstyles -Braid out

A braid out is a fabulous natural hairstyle where clean, damp hair is divided into smaller sections, which are then tightly braided or twisted. After thorough drying, the braids are unraveled to reveal stunning waves or curls. This technique provides a heat-free method to attain lovely, natural-looking texture, making it a great choice for kids and adults alike. With a gentle fluff and some hair product, you can customize the curls to your liking. Braid outs are not only stylish but also promote healthy hair by minimizing the need for heat styling. Their versatility makes them a fantastic option for various hair types and lengths.


In conclusion, these 30 easy and adorable braided hairstyles for kids are the perfect solution for busy parents and active children. They not only add a touch of charm to your child's appearance but also keep their hair protected and manageable. From classic styles to more intricate designs, the options are limitless. These hairstyles are versatile, making them suitable for various occasions and hair types. So, whether it's a regular school day or a special celebration, you can count on these braids to enhance your child's style effortlessly. Say goodbye to hair-related morning stress and hello to a world of cute and practical kid-friendly braids."

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