5 Ways Dressing Up Can Improve Your Romantic Relationship

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Dressing up can imrove your romantic relationship. However, before we get there, let me put this in context. Growing up in a middle income family taught me a lot. I, being a grounded kid with shy tendencies, never got to be on a date with the coolest girl I could I ever admire. After years of A/B testing (I know), I found out something terrible. That women and men are at first attracted to looks, general demeanor before even knowing you. You can only bond deeper with someone after knowing them after a while.

That being said, the way you look can determine if you get called for a second date or if you win someone. I am not saying that you have to invest in a whole closet dedicated to going for dates. What I mean is, you can never underestimate the value of looking good for your partner. This does not have to do with solely impressing them; it also has to do with your self-esteem.

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The way you look tells so much about your partner. If you dress up in a certain manner that will not be palatable to the general public and s/he is okay with it, then there is a problem. Let’s say that you dress up in sneakers and shorts for a vital job interview. Your girlfriend doesn’t see anything wrong with it…she encourages you to just wing it, in a misplaced effort to look different and quirky. She tells you that it will make you ‘stand out’ from the rest of the applicants.

Upon arrival, you get the shock of your life by being denied access to the entire building. Will your relationship be the same again?  I guess not. That is why the way you dress can affect your romantic relationship. Here are ways how dressing up can improve your romantic relationship:

1. Hyped up self-esteem

You won’t have to feel bad about the way you or your partner looks, either when you are on a date out in a private, exclusive restaurant or attention a more public family event.

You will feel good about yourself, and more importantly feel right about the partner you chose to be with. Overall, your relationship won’t just be goals, but even more gratifying.

2. Adoration from ‘fans’

There is nothing bad about social proof. It can be flattering and even more encouraging. You will value what you have, for many people will wish they have it too.

This especially works best for celebrity couples.  Can you quickly think of a celebrity couple you adore? How was their fashion sense? Did you get inspired to try that out with your partner? Were those matching outfits on red carpet goals for you? That’s what I am talking about. Go forth and try it out with your partner.

3. You take each other seriously

How would you feel if you invited your better half to your graduation party and they came dressed up in tattered clothes and even more disastrous, unkempt hair? My immediate instinct would be to hide or deny I know that person.

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People will take you even more seriously if you and your partner dress up to the occasion. That’s where you can get business deals without a hustle, because you and your partner command respect.

4. Your co-workers endorse you in front of your partner

When you are out with your co-workers and you are dressed up well, better or matching with them, they feel proud of you. They can put in good word for you that can boost your relationship with your partner.

However, if you do not dress up well and it bothers them, they feel let down. This makes it harder for them to associate with you for they will potentially be judged the same way. Birds of the same feather fly together. No one would want to even take pictures with you if you do not dress up well.

5. Your partners’ parents and siblings will approve

Once you’ve asked for a hand in marriage and you naturally want to ask for approval from your spouse’s family, dress up well. Otherwise, you will be playing a losing game.

You do not have to be fashion-forward, jumping on the latest trends. A minimum investment in the way you look, and elevating your spouse will get his or her people excited about your union. This is especially important in African family settings.

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