Afronista Statement African Print Head Wraps

Afronista Statement Hair Bands For An African Look

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Did you know? Head-wrap Also known as iduku in isiZulu, dhuku in Shona, duku in Chichewa, and gele in Yoruba, the head wrap is an undeniable and glorious African statement. It originated in sub-Saharan Africa and has a rather sobering history.
Historically in the US, head wraps were imposed on black women as a badge of enslavement by white masters. In this way, the head covering was used to distinguish between black people without power from those who held it.

1. Pre-Tied Fashion Turbans (Get It Here)

African Print Head Wraps
This African head wrap for women are made of high quality cotton fabric, soft and comfortable, breathable and lightweight, super elastic, one size suits most women,turbans for women will not pilling,perfect tie your hair without making your head be tight. Keep your style!

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2. Style Turban Kente (Get It Here)

African Print Head Wraps
Headwear is ideal to have a stylish head covering. Great for all seasons: autumn, summer, winter, spring, festival, fair, vacation

3. Women Ankara Print Headscarf Earrings Sets (Get It Here)

2 Pieces African Pattern Fashion
You could wear your head wrap with any outfit, from Jeans and a T-shirt to a cocktail dress. Best when worn with a solid color outfit that matches any of the colors on the scarf.

4. African Print Head Wraps Hair Accessories Match Print Mask with Zipper (Get It Here)

Floral Turban Head Scarf
It can be used with Western or traditional clothing,You could wear your head wrap with any outfit, from Jeans and a T-shirt to a cocktail dress,Best when worn with a solid color outfit that matches any of the colors on the scarf.

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5. African Print Head Wraps Earrings Hair Accessories (Get It Here)

African Headscarf Mask Match Print
These African head wraps for black women are fashion and beautiful in outlook design. African head wraps for black women as a wonderful surprising,show your love and caring!

6. Ankara Bandana (Get It Here)

Matching Print Headwraps Earrings Mask
Cotton wax fabric Full cup style mask with elastic band for ears Mask is lined Comfortable, Soft & Breathable 100% Cotton shell and lining Double layered Ankara Mask Masks and Head Wrap are sustainably handmade and individually Packed.

7. Dashiki African Print Kente (Get It Here)

Turban Hair Tie (Ghana Kente)
This fabulous African Print Head Wraps was made by created women in Cameroon. It has the vibrant colors of the Ghana flag.

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8. Large Ankara Turban Headwrap Bonnet Caps (Get It Here)

 Double-layered head
Large Ankara double-layered head wrap bonnet caps. Keeps hairstyles looking fresh and amazing. Absolutely soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic for maximum comfort


African Print Head Wraps Readily available at your door stop, Achieve the statement look by clicking on the link for purchase.

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