Can I Wear A White Dress To An African Traditional Wedding?

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The traditional African wedding is not as elaborate as Western weddings. Therefore, white wedding dresses are not appropriate for them. Traditional etiquette for wearing a white dress at an African traditional wedding is to avoid the color completely. A traditional wedding ceremony is an African tradition. Traditionally, both the bride and groom wear a similar-looking outfit with different colors of fabric. African tradition is one of the many cultures where people show respect for their elders when it comes to dressing up for events like weddings.

What colors can be worn to a traditional wedding?

The colors traditionally worn at African traditional weddings are vibrant and beautiful. They are also symbolic with certain colors representing certain things. There is no limit to the colors that can be worn at a traditional African wedding, but there are some colors that are more common than others. For instance, brighter shades such as yellow, green, and purple symbolize fertility while darker shades like black signify strength and power. African Traditional Wedding Dresses Ideas must know . Let’s talk about African weddings, and particularly African wedding attire. The continent itself is made up of thousands of tribes and just as many cultures, each of which expresses itself uniquely through its wedding garb. From the Habeshas of the Ethiopians to the Umabo of the Zulus of South African, the Onyonyo of the Efiks of Nigeria to the Mushanana of the Rwandese, the Gomesi of Ugandans to the kaftans of the Moroccans, the diversity is truly massive. Did I mention all sorts of fabric, color, design and details that they come in? Most also include headpieces, sashes, shawls and jewelry that flawlessly brings the look together. Well, it’s almost impossible to go to an African wedding without gawking at the outfits.

Tips on How To Choose The Best Dress For Your Body type

Choosing the best dress for a traditional wedding can be tough and often requires some expert help. Everyone should consider their body shape and weight before deciding which style is best for them. The following are some of the top  wedding dress designs  to help you decide on the perfect dress for your traditional African wedding.

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#1: Igbo Wedding Dress(Get It Here).

A Blend of George fabric, crystals, and Swarovski. This beautiful bride set of Niger Delta/Benin attire is for the bride mostly used for weddings. It’s embellished just as seen in the pictures, made with quality George fabric.

#2 : Igbo Wedding Attire for Guest (Get It Here).

Elegance doesn’t always mean complex. This color looks extravagant, the uniqueness  of the sleeves,  add a stylish fashion statement for a African Traditional Wedding Dresses Ideas.

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#3: Kente Nigerian wedding dress (Get It Here)

The color combination on this fabric is resplendent, to say the least. Open shoulders, plunging neck lines, chapel train and groom’s scarf to match, this look is just gorgeous. You and your significant other can definitely stun in this stunning African Traditional Wedding Dresses Ideas.

#4:Trending Style Mermaid Gown(Get It Here).

One hand fancy dress perfect for glamorous traditional wedding.

#5: Ankara Corset Dress(Get It Here).

Colorful off-shoulder dress It is simple yet glamorous. Accessories to your liking!

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#7: Luxurious Traditional Wedding Outfits(Get It Here).

#8: Africa Wedding Wear(Get It Here).

With touches of blue white and silver here and there, it isn’t overpowering.  The flares on the knee add a stylish fashion statemen

#9;Sheer Corset Evening Gown( Get It Here).

This is a great fabric design handmade in Africa to bring to you a royal African feel . Can be worn to any outdoor event paired with a nice pair of heels or shoes of your liking

#10 : Ankara Wedding Dress (Get It Here).

Colorful dress giving some elegant kind a vibe. It is simple yet glamorous. Accessory to your liking!

#11: African Print Wedding Dress(Get It Here).

This beautiful outfit is suitable for all types of events.

#12: African Maxi Dress(Get It Here).

This is a unique and beautiful dress perfect for either casual or formal occasions. It’s a soft and comfortable African cotton

#13: African Wedding Dress(Get It Here).

A beautiful African mermaid gown/fishtail dress perfect for weddings, prom, birthdays, and any occasion you plan to look your best in.

#14: African Wedding Dress(Get It Here).

#15: Burnt Orange Nigeria & Africa Lace Dress(Get It Here).

For a stunning look on your most important occasion.

#16: Isiagu African Wedding Dress(Get It Here).

This will make you look originally African by aligning you with the cultural fabric and styling.

#17: Gold George African Wedding Dress(Get it Here).

This will make you look originally African by aligning you with the cultural fabric and styling.

#18: Latest Nigeria & Africa Lace Dress(Get It Here).

#19: Nigeria Wedding Dress(Get It Here).

Nigerian Asooke Dresses for Black women using African prints and Fabrics Representing African heritage and rich Culture.

#20: Ankara Wedding Dress(Get It Here).

A beautiful African print corset dress is a statement dress that is perfect for a birthday dress, wedding dress, prom dress, and any occasion you plan to look your best.


Which dress are you rocking for a friends wedding?

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