How To Make More Sales For Your African Fashion Business

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This blog contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Running an African fashion business in the modern age can be demanding, especially if you are a small business owner. You are often in a dilemma; should you put in more effort into producing or selling a variety of clothes or pay influencers to market your products?

Sometimes, you end up juggling too much at hand. In the end, you lack productivity and miss hitting your sales targets. Another issue may be finding it difficult to hire multiple sales personnel to help you get more sales. We live in unpredictable times where businesses can collups anytime.

The COVID-19 outbreak has made it impossible for many small business owners to open shops to their customers. Those who were solely relying on this business model are going through incredibly difficult times. It is advisable that you be innovative in the way you handle your customers. They should be able to order online and at their convenience.

Without online selling, it is simply being left behind. The best way to minimize your stress and efforts is by listing your products on an online marketplace like I Wear African.

We have a wealth of experience promoting African brands over the last decade. We have a massive audience that is always looking for the next outfit to buy. The most common comment we get via our social media platforms is “where can I buy this?” 

You should take advantage of our offering and boost your sales. We offer highly competitive packages. Depending on the package, here are some of the benefits you get from listing with us.

A. Mentions of your products by the celebrities we interview for our sister brand African Vibes Magazine and our blog. Here is an example.

B. Regular promotion of your products via our social media pages which have a following of over 130k across Facebook and Instagram. We also have a traffic of 800k plus on our Pinterest monthly.

C. Regular product reviews of your designs on our websites.


The three packages we offer are:

1. Listing on the website (Free)

This is the basic plan. You get to list your items and refer customers to shop. You also get discovery from Google search.

2. IWA Vendor Growth ($100 annually)

-Unlimited Product Listings in the marketplace

-4 Product Post a Month on Instagram

-1 Designer Spotlight on

-Unlimited Products for 365 Days

3. IWA Vendor Scale ($500 annually)

-Unlimited Product Listings

-4 Product Posts a Month on Instagram

-4 Product Posts a Month on Facebook

-All Products Pinned in relevant Pinterest Boards

-Opportunity to participate in 1 Giveaway

-1 X Designer Spotlight Post

-4 X Designer Collection Posts on

Unlimited Products for 365 Days

We charge a reasonable 10% commission for each product sale. As you can see, we truly support your business by helping you make the most out of our high traffic platforms at an affordable rate. To list your products, head over to the Vendor Registration page to sign. We look forward to growing with you!

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