How To Improve Your Self-Confidence By The Way You Dress

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It is no secret that the way you dress greatly influences the way you feel about yourself; self-confidence. Depending on why you are dressing a certain way – it could be for a date or business meeting – the degree of self consciousness varies. 

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Let’s say, for example, you are interviewing with the BBC for a journalism job. You live in an African city. There have been heavy rains for the past week. You did laundry but cannot make your suit dry on time.

The interview day comes by and you have nothing to wear. The only alternative is to wear your old clothes, which may not be fitting, or asking a friend to help you out with something in their wardrobe.


You try calling your friend but they are not picking their phone. About two hours before the interview, they tell you that it is impossible since it was impromptu. You resolve to go with what you already have. The outfit does not fit so well and is visibly old. You hop on a bike, rush to the interview rendezvous. Luckily enough, you are 5 minutes earlier.

The HR representative is waiting at the gate. It seems to be a relaxed environment since the interview location is actually a residence, not a crowded office. You are ushered in, told to wait for the candidate being interviewed before you to finalize her session. You are nervous, fidgeting and not yourself.

Will you step into the interview room, filled with top editors who are neatly dressed (because they earn top dollar), answer the questions confidently and successfully negotiate an amazing salary package?

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The most probable answer is no. In fact, you will feel that you are asking for too much, and decisively, you may not get the job. No matter how amazing your CV is, the way you dress truly influences the way you dress.

The one most important thing you need to do is to make sure that you always have clean, well arranged clothes at all times in your wardrobe. It does not matter whether you are single, not going out often or self-employed. 

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Emergencies do come up and you might need to dress up the best way possible. Also note that even if it is a casual day, you cannot walk around looking out of place. Self-confidence is key to a healthier mental state. That is the best styling advice you can ever get.

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