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Ankara Couture Mermaid Gown

A beautiful mermaid / fishtail dress perfect for weddings, prom, birthday and any occasion you plan to look your best

Trending Style Mermaid Gown

Trending Style Mermaid Gown. Prom Dress/Wedding Party Guest/Wedding Dress/Evening Dress/Aso Ebi/African Party Dress, African party, Gala night.

African Wedding Dress For Traditional Occasion

This is Ideal for all your joyful and social occasions. You will look like a celebrity anytime you put on this wear.

Igbo Wedding Attire for Bride

Bride outfits for that special occasion. The bride’s attire is made up of George fabric majorly worn by the Igbo-speaking Part of Nigeria.

Ankara Corset Dress

This beautiful African Ankara outfit is made with 100% quality wax Ankara fabric suitable for all types of events. It can be made in different colors of fabric of your choice, style and design.

Green with Gold Ankara Wedding Dress

A beautiful mermaid/fishtail dress perfect for weddings, prom, birthdays, and any occasion you plan to look your best in.

Luxurious Traditional Wedding Outfits

Made from George fabric, cashmere, Isi Agu and embellished with Swarovski stones.

Stylish African Maxi Dress

This is a unique and beautiful dress perfect for either casual or formal occasions. It’s a soft and comfortable African cotton