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Colorful Top With Black Dress

African Coat and black dress set for every occasion. Let your look speak classy with this design.

Cute Yellow Mini Dress

This short African dress is a style to reckon with. Get this beautifully tailor made look that connects most with your personality.

Floral Knee High Slit Dress

Lovely print dress by KatieO. Great for special occassions and events where you want to make a bold Afronista statement

African Wax Peacock Feather Print Clutch Purse

These beautiful and unique African print peacock feather prints, make for a stunning fashion accessory. It lends itself to be dressed up or down. Perfect as a gifting option These purses have adequate room for keys, mobile phone, wallet, sunglasses and makeup.

African Wax Print Clutch Purse

Bright and vibrant African Wax Print Clutch Purse. Beautiful and makes a dashing statement. The purse has ample room for all that you need to carry: mobile, keys, wallet, lipstick and small bottle of perfume. This has all the vibes of African culture - bold, bright and beautiful.

Yellow African Wax Print Clutch Purse

This lovely yellow African wax print clutch purse is unique and beautiful. It has ample space for a mobile phone, sunglasses, keys, wallet and even a small bottle of perfume and lipstick.