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African Cuff Bracelet


African Earrings- ROSETTA Beaded Hoops Earrings


African Statement Beaded Choker Necklace


African Statement Choker Necklace


African Wax Peacock Feather Print Clutch Purse


African Wax Print Clutch, Orange African Colorful Purse, Afronista Handbag


BIBA Gold Statement Necklace Bracelet Cuff


Big Orange and Navy Blue Dangle Earrings


Bone Rectangle Medallion Necklace


Capped Quill Dangle Earrings


Capricorn Necklace


Crystal Pearl Long Tassel Earrings


Dash Hinge Wrap Choker Necklace


Dash Hoop Earrings


Delicate Dash Cuff Bracelet